Georgia Bulldogs Need to Add Some Swagger to Their Gait


The Georgia Bulldogs have a chance to add some swagger to their 2014 tale against Auburn.

Can we talk amongst ourselves? I can’t wait for this game, because I like Auburn… I mean, I don’t really ‘like’ Auburn, but I know a lot o’ guys who played for Auburn and they’re all good men. In fact, just about everybody I’ve met from Auburn are all good people, with the exception of course, of Prince Dooley, but that’s a story for another day, another time.

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Anyway, I also like what Gus Malzahn has done in only two years, although I believe he had more presence in the locker room than he was given credit for as offensive coordinator, and I believe he was their guiding light to the 2010 National Championship. I appreciate the fact that they have a playing personality and display a certain swagger.

Don’t you wish (don’t forget, just between you and me) we had more o’ that? We certainly have the talent, I just wish we displayed a little more attitude. Nothing obnoxious, nothing we wouldn’t be proud of, just enough to pass the message that, “Hey, we’re good…we know we’re good, and we’re just about to show you what we already know.”

Certainly, that had been the story up until this season, when our defense was coordinated by a moron, and when our guys had to think on the field, before reacting; that’s all the advantage the offense needs. And, it’s also why we didn’t exude confidence, because when players aren’t confident in what they are doing, then you can hardly play with a swagger and a bad-ass attitude.

I’m just sayin’, between us Dawgies, I wanna see us play like champions on Saturday; from the way we take the field, to shaking hands with Auburn at the end…y’know, just for them ‘giving it all and putting up a good fight…! (Ya know, all that kind o’ stuff).

I like the way Mark Richt handled the Todd Gurley “signing for dollars’ crisis. He was as calm, cool and collected as always, and it’s situations just like this where coach’s demeanor really pays off. Oh, and by the way, coach really does have a fire burning in his belly. He’s as competitive as anybody I’ve ever been around and his calm, peaceful soul is a governor on him not acting like some psychotic sideline clown.

I also appreciate coach starting Gurley on Saturday. It’s Gurley’s job, he won it and he’s the running back’s elder statesman who just happens to double as Superman. Sure Nick Chubb did a great job, not to take anything away from him, but that’s his job; back up the starter and when your number is called, tote the pig like a Bulldog running back.

Y’know what else? Sony Michel is a hell of a back as well, and so is Brendan Douglas who is studying for a degree in roadgrading. Guess what? We haven’t even mentioned Keith Marshall. If any one of our RB’s went to any national championship contender, they would start, and we’ve got five of ‘em! What does that tell you?

Oct 4, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs running back Todd Gurley (3) reacts after scoring a touchdown against the Vanderbilt Commodores defensive lineman Jay Woods (74) during the first half at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It tells me that Mark Richt is following in the footsteps of his mentor, Bobby Bowden. Look at the way Mark Richt is matriculating his quarterbacks. Aaron Murray is an anomaly in that he didn’t have to wait his turn, but look at the synergy (forgive me?) with which Richt has turned out one quarterback after another. A couple o’ years from now our quarterback depth will have more consistency with the drop-off from one to another not being as severe as it might seem today, similar to how we have stocked the running back machine.

Hutson Mason came alive against Kentucky. I think the Gator debacle startled him into quarterbacking consciousness, and for the first time his innate talent was allowed to rise to the top. That’s a great sign with Auburn coming in, who will be stoked to the gills – not because of last week’s loss but because we were the reason they were peeking ahead, negating the Aggies and playing us in their minds, one week prematurely.

I’m hearing reports of low temperatures and rain. Good, I love Gurley and Chubb in the slop.