Georgia Bulldogs’ Domination of Auburn Was an Overdue Treat


The Georgia Bulldogs took Auburn to the woodshed, and it was about time they did that to someone worthy.

Was that a treat, or what? We’ve been long overdue for a complete game like the domination we witnessed over Auburn on Saturday.

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I’m thinking it’s been about 8 years? Gosh darn it, I feel good, don’t you? And, I’m wondering why we can’t come out looking like that every Saturday?

I’d been sitting around all day, watching Alabama and Mississippi State, and getting antsy waiting for our showdown. I was jealous of Alabama and their consistent intensity and attention to detail. They’re like a machine…You can beat ‘em if they have a breakdown, but they rarely give you anything.I was antsy because you can never count on any aspect of Georgia’s approach.

Sure enough, Auburn took the ball, put a well-balanced drive together and scored…seven to zip, War Eagle!

Todd Gurley was escorted on the field for the first time in four weeks by a rousing ovation which he answered with a 103-yard kickoff return for a touchdown…Uh oh, this is what I was afraid of; rag on the field and Gurley’s alter-Heisman jaunt was called back by a ‘holding’ call…I’m thinkin’, “Damn, that wouldn’t have happened to Saban and his obsession with details.”

A little bit later, Richt called for a fake punt which ended up on the 1-yard line, but here we go again…that, too, was negated by ‘lineman downfield’ (dubious) and the thought crossed my mind that the zebras never woulda had the phinobolies to call that on Saban.

Just about at that juncture, you should have started paying attention because the Dawgs gave us a slobberknocker demonstration that will remain in your memory bank for your grandchildren’s amusement.

Gurley was great, but even greater was the competitive drive fueling Nick Chubb. Boy, that was fun to see ‘Chubbie’ accept the challenge, matching Gurley stride for stride and then fabricating one of the great runs in Georgia football history, albeit I never saw Charley Trippi, I did see every one of Herschel Walker’s  carries, and I can certify that Chubb’s nuclear tote, with 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter was as momentous as Herschel’s burial of Tennessee’s Bill Bates.

When Chubb chugged down the sideline and stoned that Tiger, leaving him dazed and confused, as Chubb bounced inside, then back to the pylon, running through two more tacklers for the touchdown, the tiny little Wikipedia morsel of my brain immediately notified me that I had seen something not many get to witness.

Nov 15, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs running back Todd Gurley (3) runs against the Auburn Tigers during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated Auburn 34-7. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Dawgs were tuned up and turned on and dominated, with only one negative left to ruminate – and that is Todd Gurley’s left knee.

I felt sick to my stomach when the replay let me see him plant his knee and go down (hey, I had a very emotional day!). Forgive me for guessing, but when his leg buckled inward, nine times out of ten, that’s an ACL.

You and I hope I’m wrong, but for a couple o’ weeks I’ve been fantasizing that Todd may not wanna go out this way (the suspension) and just perhaps, maybe he’d come back if there was a chance for a National Championship and, for what it’s worth, a Heisman run.

Now, with a knee, the odds on a comeback are wavering between possible and probable, I think..? Again, this is just ‘us’ talkin’ and that’s why I would never put those thoughts out there for public consumption…

Finally, will somebody please tell that New York City radio toad that, MARK RICHT HAS WON A BIG GAME!