Georgia Bulldogs Football and the Pain of Backing In


The Georgia Bulldogs are backing into a possible SEC Championship game berth, and fans are venting their frustration in the wrong direction.

Missouri beat Tennessee on Saturday night and the Bulldog Nation’s corner of the Twitterverse exploded in frustration because someone else didn’t do our job for us.

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Here is a sample:

“Seriously Vols!? You played lights out against UGA and just quit against a team that lost to Indiana?” – (I think the same can be said for us based on our play against Florida and Auburn.}

“You can’t count on Tennessee.” – (Whoever thought we would need to call in a favor to Knoxville.)

“Vols suck.” – (No, we did in Jacksonville.)

“Go Arkansas.” – (Good heavens.)

Of all the Tweets I read, this was the most telling: “Tennessee…You had one job.”

No, check that – the Red and Black had one job, and we didn’t get it done. Again, we are subject to pulling for another team, and/or teams, because we didn’t take care of our own business.

Two weeks ago, it was the maroon of Texas A&M. Last week, we hoped that putrid orange would prevail and the tune of Rocky Top would be somewhat pleasing to our Bulldog ears.

This week, we will dine on Turkey while forsaking any pork in hopes the Peach State prayers for Pig Sooie will be answered multiple times over in the Show Me State.

For two consecutive weeks, the Bulldog Nation, and our team itself, has been held hostage via scoreboard watching rather than focusing on the extermination of Yellow Jackets and a Crimson Tide that is surely traveling eastbound on I-20. Alas, it will continue through the Thanksgiving feast.

All the while, this one truth remains: At the Georgia Dome, it’s always easier to pull straight into the parking spot, labeled for the SEC East champion, than backing in.