Observations from the Cheap Seats: Georgia Bulldogs Pillage and Plunder CSU


The Georgia Bulldogs took a week off, or a week to prepare for Georgia Tech, depending on how you look at it.

Pre-game, my friend Joy who I stay with whenever I visit Athens, called Mike Thornton “donkey” because of his signature donkey stomp move after big defensive stands. I made it a point to look for his donkey stomp during the game.

A photo-op with Hairy Dawg. Image: Sravanthi Meka

We saw a naked Uga IX at the Georgia Center, and after catching up with friends in the lobby, he went up to put his jersey and game face on. We caught up with friends and made some new ones also.

That’s why I love these types of games – you see folks that don’t get to make it to games like last week’s victory over Auburn – and no, it never gets old to write that.

Right off the bat, Mike Bobo caught Charleston Southern off-guard by calling a pass on Georgia’s first play from the line of scrimmage. Chris Conley caught this one after a subpar performance last week.

After a punt, we saw Nick Chubb go to work and score on his second run. So three plays from the line of scrimmage, 14 points. What we expected to see against an FCS team, but with 10 minutes left in the first quarter?

Bulldogs that stood out to me from section 328? Tim Kimbrough had a devastating hit on the third kickoff return that illicit end a big cheer from the crowd. Justin Scott-Wesley hauled in his first pass of the year, and it just happened to be for a touchdown.

Conley’s diving touchdown catch brought the crowd to its feet. Too bad the Redcoats couldn’t play some Imperial march for him since they were on the field to get ready for halftime. The Redcoats playing the Star Wars theme for an earlier catch by Conley was a highlight of the day!

The highlight of the game was the tribute to retired Major General James E. Livingston, Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Livingston is a Georgia native who lives in Charleston, we found out after the game. Players and coaches took a break to recognize as well. I saw Damian Swann take his helmet off and applaud, and even Penn Wagers took a break from calling penalties on Georgia to recognize Livingston’s service.

While the crowd was sparse, the fans that were there gave standing ovations to Livingston, Lee Greenwood, Aaron Murray, and sang karaoke to one of my favorites, “Build Me Up, Buttercup.”

Half of the crowd may have showed up to hear Lee Greenwood. He performed the pre-game national anthem on saxophone, and then at halftime, performed his signature song, “God Bless the U.S.A.” with the Redcoats and Purple Heart winners who were in attendance.

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Before his performance, we moved over to the student section so we could feel our toes again. We went from frostbite to sunburn faster than you can say Sony Michel.

I was glad to see Hutson Mason got to take a break and Brice Ramsey get some reps. We also saw Jay Rome, Blake Tibbs, Brendan Douglas and Kenneth Towns get reps in the first drive of the second half. Ever see an elephant walk on a tightrope? That’s what Quayvon Hicks looked like on his touchdown run.

We left after Krypton and headed to South City Kitchen for post-game libations and to watch Arkansas-Ole Miss, then headed out to the Bulldog RV park to visit with friends and so I could unload my Tech tickets.

I’m headed to New Orleans with the family to sample all the culinary delights of the Crescent City,  my birthplace, so I need an awesome crowd to cheer on my Dawgs and remind the Enemy who they are. Thanks in advance.