5 Great Recent Moments from the Georgia-Georgia Tech Rivalry (Video)

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Reggie Ball Can’t Count.

The year was 2004. I was on bedrest with my oldest and did not get to attend this game in person. Oh, but how fun it was to watch one of the great players the Yellow Jackets ever had show everyone that apparently you don’t have to be able to count to be a Georgia Tech QB.

Jackets QB Reggie Ball scrambled away from pressure as the game was ending, and tossed the ball out of bounds to avoid being sacked..on 4th down.

“The scoreboard said one thing, the refs said another,” Ball said of his mistake. “When you’ve got a game that close, you’ve got to expect a little home cooking. You’ve got to fight through it.”

Yeah, yeah Reggie…blame the scoreboard.

The fun happens in the last two minutes of the video.