5 Great Recent Moments from the Georgia-Georgia Tech Rivalry (Video)

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You Can Do That!

Okay, so this one isn’t about a football game, but it had to be mentioned. It was Georgia Tech’s 2013 Convocation Speech. The kid decides he’s a rock star at the end and goes off about being at Georgia Tech and how “you can do that”.

Well dude, if you want to go to a school who calls Mark Richt ‘daddy’, you can do that. Watch the hilarity below. Also note, Tech actually made a promotional commercial from the video to be shown during both football and basketball games. Seriously people, I’m not making this up. I am going to spare you the boring part and just get to the end…

So what has been your favorite moment from the rivalry with the Nerds from the North Avenue Trade School?

Go Dawgs! Wreck Tech!