Georgia Bulldogs Football: 5 Tailgating Recipes to Try This Weekend

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Nothing beats a picturesque tailgating spot. Image – Michael Collins:

One thing about the Georgia Bulldogs and football – tailgating is a huge part of the overall experience.

Tailgating brings out the cooks that you didn’t know could cook. A long-standing tradition with football is the tailgating experience. From the tents to the chairs to the TVs, no tailgate is complete without food.

You need foods that are easy enough to prepare, but more than just tearing open a bag of chips. You should impress your guests without overwhelming them with fancy foo-foo food and dishes that you need a full set of cutlery to enjoy.

There are all kinds of recipes available, and sometimes you can take a simple dish you make at home and add a little twist or garnish to make a it a fun football crowd pleaser.

At Ole Miss you’ll find spreads that will rival any church homecoming meal. At LSU you can find 15 different ways to cook crawfish. No matter what school you attend, hosting or attending a tailgate without food is totally unacceptable.

At Georgia, its all about hospitality, high caloric content, and spicy foods to keep you warm.

Here are 5 easy tailgating recipes that anyone can cook, for you to use at the final home game of the season against Georgia Tech this weekend.