Georgia Bulldogs Historic Hype Video for Georgia Tech: ’12 Out Of 13′


With the SEC Championship game now out of the picture, it’s time for the Georgia Bulldogs to focus on beating that crosstown rival, Georgia Tech.

After the Missouri-Arkansas game, I felt so dirty, I ran upstairs to take a shower. I just felt crummy rooting for a team, which we beat, to take care of our business. I mean, here we are again talking about who let us down or what fate threw at us, just because.

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I think it’s time for us to man-up and make a decision that this kind o’ Georgia stuff can never happen again. I can’t imagine how we lost to the Gamecocks, but no matter how or why it was, it couldn’t come close to the embarrassment that was not even bothering to show up for the Florida game.  Do not be mad at Arkansas for not picking up our garbage; be mad at us for dropping it.

I liked Arkansas yesterday, I really thought they were going to maul Mizzou. But, as I hunkered down, expecting a great game, I started to feel queasy. It was awkward being a Hog, if only for a couple o’ hours, and now because of Arkansas’ loss, we get to face a nest o’ pests, who will be all geeked for the rivalry game, while we’re mostly just playin’ out the string.

Had the Razorbacks won, or had we been ourselves and done what we were supposed to against Carolina or Florida, we wouldn’t be in this situation and ready to rock and roll and show-out against the Jackets, instead of being dejected and distracted. Your concentration can’t waiver against these guys, because if you don’t first of all, stuff the dive (the 1st option) then our afternoon will be uncomfortable.

Remember, if you cram the dive, there’s only one place for the ball to go, and that’s to the edge, making it relatively simple to defense. Watch our defense (I miss ERK..!) in the first quarter and if we’re taking away that fullback up the middle, then tap the guy in the GT cap in front of you on the shoulder, and tell him you’d like to buy him an Iced Tea, being careful of course to not spill your beer.

Mark Richt got himself into this mess, and now ever since the Mizzou-ians stormed the field, he’s been trying to think of how he can restore an attitude of ‘Clean, Good Ole Fashioned Hate’ in those young Bulldawg brains.

Players are just like us; they know Tech has rendered themselves irrelevant. They’re Atlanta’s Service Academy running an offense unsuited to the Georgia Tech football legacy… Army, Navy and Air Force may run it, but they’re entitled because there’s just so deep they can probe into the recruiting pool.

But, not Georgia Tech; it’s actually sneaky, sly and devious for a program like Georgia Tech to throw at its opponents one time per year. Teams can’t even practice against it, because they can’t duplicate it…Not only does an opposing coach have less than a week to prepare his defense for all the different reads, but you also have to teach your scout team how to simulate the scheme.

At least Charleston Southern approximated the look one week ago, and when you combine that with our superior athletes, enthusiasm aside, we should beat these ‘ball-handlers’ by 20.

Oh, what coulda’ been…!

But just for the old strike-up-the-band factor (with all apologies to former Georgia Tech announcer, Wes Durham), here’s a hype video of a different vein…12 our of 13, and ready to notch one more!