Twitter Reacts to Georgia Bulldogs’ Loss to GT (No-Hate Edition)


The Georgia Bulldogs may have dropped a heartbreaking loss to Georgia Tech, but not all fans wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon.

With the loss to Georgia Tech, many UGA fans (and sites) wanted to jump on the bandwagon of pushing the hate agenda, and showing the ignorance of angered fans who would like to see the Georgia coaching staff fired for reasons they simply can’t back up in football terms.

While we hate seeing the Bulldogs lose too, the team and the coaches have our love and support, and many fans are in agreement with that feeling.

So here is a “Twitter Reacts” posting that gives the love that is deserved for a team that poured everything into winning for us this season.  This also our thank you to all the fans who keep the faith, and who keep it classy, win or lose!