Georgia Bulldogs Bowl Game Projections: Is a New Years Six Bowl Still Possible?


With the regular season done, and the playoff seedings about to be announced, the Georgia Bulldogs now just await their bowl game invitation.

The 9-3 Georgia Bulldogs were hoping for better. They wanted an SEC Championship. They wanted to be in the playoffs. At the very least, they wanted to be included in the New Years Six Bowls.

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(For those unfamiliar, the New Years Six are the bowls which are in the playoff rotation – the Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Fiesta, Orange and Peach Bowls)

The first two wishes didn’t come true. The loss to the Florida Gators and an unlikely win streak by the Missouri Tigers negated Georgia’s chance at an SEC title shot. The playoff hopes were probably gone at the same time, but certainly were dashed with the loss to Georgia Tech.

But could Georgia still make their way into a Peach Bowl bid given the way things finished out in the conference championship games this weekend?

Probably not. You can still hold out hope, but unless the Playoff Committee goes completely off their rockers, Georgia will find themselves in one of the lesser bowls once again. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A bowl bid is still good, and there are still some possible quality matchups out there for the Bulldogs (as well as some tired ones).

More than likely, Georgia will find themselves in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, playing against a No.3 or No. 4 Big Ten team, or in the Outback Bowl, against a similarly ranked Big Ten opponent.

The likely suspects from the Big Ten to play Georgia in either of those bowls?

Minnesota, Nebraska or Michigan State.

God, please not Nebraska for a third straight season.

I’m projecting the Citrus Bowl against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Not exactly glamorous, but at least a change from the Cornhuskers or Spartans.