What was Motivation for Jimbo Fisher Leaving Georgia Off Top 25 Ballot?


Did you ever meet a guy with dancing, darting, antsy eyes? Uncomfortable, right?

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You figure the guy is paranoid, or is hiding something; that’s how I feel every time I see FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher interviewed after a game. He never looks at the interviewer, never mind actually focusing on the interviewer. He looks like he wants to get outta there, just in case he may be asked ‘the’ question.

Whatever ‘the’ question might be is your or my best guess, but it’s for sure Jimbo wants to be long gone, just in case.

I don’t like him, I don’t trust him and I despise what he did to one of the all-timers, Bobby Bowden…slipping in behind a guy, usurping his authority and working the back room like a Ponzi scheme is a coaching cardinal sin. You just don’t do that to another man, never mind an authentic legend!

All of that was a preamble to calling Jimbo a dog, for leaving the Dawgs off his end of season Top 25 Coaches Poll, as Tweeted out yesterday by Macon.com’s Seth Emerson

My first inclination was that he’s just paying us back for pilfering Jeremy Pruitt. We didn’t do anything under-handed in hiring Pruitt, assistants leave all the time for better opportunities. Maybe Jimbo just has his nose out of joint for the notoriety heaped on the SEC?

Then there’s another school o’ thought that thinks Jimbo did not make a mistake and he actually does not have us in the Top 25.

Don’t forget how highly touted we were before the season, and it’s obvious the talent we have on hand, so maybe he’s thinking we’re not Top 25. We lost to South Carolina and Florida, two broke-dicks who didn’t beat anyone, and he resents our haughtiness as an elite SEC competitor.  He recruits against us and is just padding his case for when he whines to recruits about why they shouldn’t go to Georgia.

I dunno, but when they interview him around the Oregon game and he begins that weasly, darting eyes routine, if the camera pulls back I think we’ll see him holding a rack o’ crab legs; something is making him antsy.

Finally, I wish he would dip into his scholarship fund and pull out a handful o’ hundys ($) The man desperately needs some hair plugs. Maybe then he’d feel better about himself.