How Mark Richt Stacks Up With Other SEC Coaches


A look at how Georgia head coach Mark Richt compares to the other coaches in the Southeastern Conference

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For those who want to continue to bash the work of Mark Richt as the head coach of the Georgia football program, we’d like to offer yet another piece of proof as to why calling for his firing makes zero sense, unless you live in the Bizarro football world.

Here’s a close look at how, in his 14th season as Georgia’s head coach, Mark Richt measures up with the coaches who are lauded as being irreplaceable.

Looking at coaches with two or more years of coaching in the SEC, you can see that Richt has produced far more than “average” (as some detractors like to contend) numbers against the conference.

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Clearly, Richt has not coached as poorly against the SEC as some would like to believe, and his overall .738 winning pct. ranks him second behind only Nick Saban (.757) with SEC coaches that have four years or more coaching experience.

If that is the kind of success you consider to be “mediocre”, and the type of winning that you want to run out of town, then you don’t really understand what success and winning really are.

The only thing missing from Richt’s resume is the elusive national title, but given patience, the way nearly every great coach has been given by their program, that column will have at least one tick mark in it as well.

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