Georgia Football: Top 10 Moments Fans Will Remember From 2014 (Video)

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8. Damian Swann Strips the Ball from Tech and Takes it Home

We had to pull something good out of that deflating loss to the Yellow Jackets, right?

Damian Swann had a fantastic senior year, and this play was the exclamation point for NFL scouts to look at.

What is better than stopping Georgia Tech on the one yard line? How about just taking the ball right out of their hands and returning it 99 yards for a touchdown. This is exactly what Damian Swann did in the 2014 match up with the nerds. I know it is pretty recent, but I think we should watch it again just because.

While Tech fans yell that the whistle should have blown, our argument stands pat. Hang on to the ball if you’re strong enough, nerds.

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