Is Georgia’s Mike Bobo Headed for a Head Coach Position in 2015?


Mike Bobo has been Georgia’s offensive coordinator since 2006, and his name is now being connected with some open head coach positions.

On the list of coordinators who will get hard looks from various schools for their head coach positions, Georgia’s Mike Bobo comes up pretty often.

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Most recently, reported that Bobo’s name has been connected with the vacancy at Colorado State, to replace Jim McElwain who left to take over as head coach at Florida.

The truth of it is, the longer a coach like Bobo remains in a position and has success, the more often their name will be at least mentioned when the time to find new head coaches comes. Bobo’s offense set school records in yards per game during in 2012 and 2013, and he was named 247Sports national offensive coordinator of the year in 2013.

So, if you are among the “Bobo Must Go” crowd, are you about to get your wish?


Bobo has spent nearly his entire adult life in Athens, starting with his time as a player from 1993-1997, and then as an admin and graduate assistant until 2000. He did make a brief exit to be the quarterbacks coach at Jacksonville State for one season, but returned to Georgia in 2001, and has been here ever since.

Prying Bobo away from the familiar surroundings and relative comfort of Athens will be no easy task, and the loyalty and patience he’s been shown by head coach Mark Richt will go a long way to retaining him as well.

Certainly the lure of a lot more money will be something for Bobo to consider, as currently he makes in the range of $575,000 per season, rated 40th nationally for assistants according to USA Today. But for a guy like Bobo, it’s not all about the money.

Both Richt and Bobo have accomplished much together at Georgia, but they have yet to win an SEC championship while working as a head coach-coordinator tandem, and the national championship goal is also something they’d both like to see accomplished before either leave Georgia.

For now, take any rumors of Bobo’s departure with a grain of salt. Certainly the possibility exists, but the chances are slim that he’ll want to leave Georgia at this point in his career.