Georgia Bulldogs Should Go With Multi-QB System in Belk Bowl


The Georgia Bulldogs are about to take on an opponent they’ve never faced before in the Belk Bowl, so why not mix it up a bit?

The only experience that the Louisville Cardinals will have against Georgia is what they view on film, and what they get from Todd Grantham’s mouth. With the teams never having met on the field before, the element of surprise could be a big factor.

Georgia Bulldogs
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Georgia Bulldogs

That said, it’s certain that Grantham will take the knowledge he has of Mike Bobo’s play-calling tendencies, and the film-study of Georgia’s season and will develop his defensive game plan around that.

So, why make it simple for him?

With this being Hutson Mason‘s last game as a Bulldog, you hate to take the ball out of his hands, but it’s time to think more about the program and the statement made at the end of the season for recruits rather than the needs of one player. Mason has been good, but far short of fantastic this season, and he may be too cut-and-dry for the tone of this game.

Brice Ramsey brings a different element, as does Faton Bauta. Using an up-tempo offense, with any of the three quarterbacks standing under center, as well as Georgia’s version of the Wildcat set, will keep Grantham’s defense from digging in and stacking the box. The Louisville linebackers are going to have to be made to respect the Georgia passing game, and have it done early on.

Set up in an empty backfield look, with receivers stacked to one side with Ramsey in the game. Use a bunch formation to create mismatches that will put Ramsey’s cannon to good use. With Georgia’s offensive line, the only way the Cardinals should get through is to come up with a blitz, and that will leave one of the receivers wide open.

With Bauta, use more 2-tight end sets in a Power-T formation, pull a guard to the strong side and create a pseudo read-option attack. He can dump it on a short pass to either Jay Rome or Jeb Blazevich, depending on which side the Louisville linebackers commit, or he can follow the fullback and guard to the ride side.

If Georgia sets up in the same pro-set formation throughout the game, they will be making it too easy for a team that they have no need to do so. Just as Grantham is familiar with Georgia’s offense, Mark Richt and his staff are equally familiar with how he’ll set up his defense and what the weaknesses will be.

Georgia should use their arsenal of quarterbacks as well as running backs to exploit said weaknesses.

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