5 Types of College Football Fans for True UGA Fans to Avoid

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Nov 29, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Hurricanes fan displays a sign during the second half against Pittsburgh Panthers at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

No. 3: The “Fire Everyone” Fan

Not that Georgia fans know any fan like this, huh? This is the fan that loves to constantly suggest firing any and all coaches upon any close game or heaven forbid a loss. As I know these fans are in all fan bases (except maybe Alabama as I believe they are perfectly happy with their coaching situation) I am tired of seeing it.

Do you think because you tweeted that the head coach should be fired the organization is going to do it? Also, do you think acting like a crybaby on social media will get you anything of substance? I better be careful with this one or I will get death threats from the Richt-haters.

How you will know this fan: This is the brother to the conspiracy theorist. This fan is hateful and has likely never played a sport. You will typically only hear from this person if the team is losing as he/she only likes to speak of negative things so winning is not his/her cup of tea. As a matter of fact, if we are winning you will typically see these fans posting about politics or the economy as they will need something to complain about.

What to do when you encounter this fan: Like his closely related conspiracy theorist brother you will most likely want to avoid this fan. This person likely has no friends and is disliked by most in his or her life. This fan fully believes they know it all so there is no way to argue or present a decent argument to this person.

If you have to communicate with one of these fans on a daily basis (maybe its a father-in-law or a relative you cannot help but see every now and again) constantly change the subject to happy things such as kittens and rainbows. The positive energy will cause this person’s head to explode and the problem is solved.

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