5 Types of College Football Fans for True UGA Fans to Avoid

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Sep 13, 2014; Columbia, SC, USA; Fans wait out a weather delay before the game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Georgia Bulldogs at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

No. 1:  The Fair Weather Fan

Ladies and gentlemen this is the worst of all fans. This fan will hop on and off a bandwagon quicker than a Mike Price’s career at Alabama. They will typically only know one or two years of history on the team they claim to love.

They can currently be found being a fan of the Oregon Ducks, Denver Broncos, Anaheim Ducks, Toronto Raptors, and San Francisco Giants. Coincidence? I may be a fan of teams that have not won a national championship since my birth, but when you go through the downsides with a team I can only imagine it makes the win that much sweeter.

How you will know this fan: This fan will typically claim to be a fan of an array of teams from random geographic locations. They will only discuss the past year or two of their teams history with you and only know around three players on each team. Stats they spew are things that can be easily accessed on wikipedia. This fan loves to rub any recent championship in your face. This fan is also the same person who starts the wave at a game, which I am still actively petitioning that to be a hate crime against real sports fans.

How to deal with this fan: You have two effective ways to deal with these fans. 1) Physical violence, which we here at Dawn of the Dawg do not suggest or encourage. 2) Ask them a question about his or her team from three or four years ago. This will allow the fan to embarrass his or herself.

If you are one of the fans I mentioned it is not too late for you. It is almost the new year and your resolution can be to not be an annoyance to humanity.