Georgia Just Served a Very Cold Plate to Todd Grantham


Todd Grantham left his post as Georgia’s defensive coordinator to take over at Louisville, and in the Belk Bowl the Bulldogs made sure he got served.

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It’s tired, and it’s cliche’, but it’s also very true. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

And brother, was it chilly in Charlotte, N.C. last night.

Look, Mark Richt is a good, kind, Christian man, so he’ll never come out and publicly state how badly he wanted to beat Todd Grantham’s defense and spank him for all the times he managed to find new ways to ruin Georgia’s title hopes.

Nobody that worked with Grantham in Athens will admonish his childish antics and talk about how tension on the sidelines and in the locker room has been reduced, and how glad they are he’s gone.

There isn’t a person associated with the Georgia football program that will step up to the microphone and say, “Oh yeah, we wanted to hand Grantham his lunch”, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment wasn’t there.

And hand him his lunch they did. Cold cuts, on a chilled plate, with no sugar in his iced tea.

The No. 3 rushing defense (who really hadn’t defended anyone worth noting) in the nation was absolutely shredded by Chubb and the Georgia running attack to the tune of 305 yards and three touchdowns. The defense that had given up an average of just over three yards per carry was bludgeoned for 5.9 per carry against Georgia.

John Lilly may have been calling the plays for Georgia in the Belk Bowl, but I swear I could see a sly grin come across the lips of Mark Richt’s face every time Nick Chubb bowled over a Louisville defender, or turned on the jets to scoot by them on the edge.

God, how poetic would it have been for Richt to throw the choking gesture Grantham’s way.

Georgia fans must have absolutely reveled in seeing Grantham’s defense confused and not even completely on the field as Chubb took the ball and scampered 31 yards into the end zone, putting Georgia up for good.

How Grantham was that?

No, outside of the rabid Grantham-hating Bulldog Nation, you won’t hear a peep about how this was revenge against the coach who had turned the Georgia defense into a group of individual star players rather than a unit. A stiff middle finger to the guy who brought new meaning to the phrase ill-prepared in Athens.

Oh but it was. It really was.

Georgia doesn’t care about Louisville, they certainly don’t really care about Bobby Petrino. Louisville is a new to the ACC program who the Bulldogs never expected to meet anytime soon, so it was just a gift from the gods that they were able to take the switch to Grantham’s backside during his first postseason appearance with the Cardinals.

He’s your problem now, Petrino. That defensive breakdown you witnessed against Florida State? Yeah, get used to it. The thumping your defense took in the Belk Bowl against a ranked SEC opponent? Consider it par for the course while Grantham is in your employ.

Enjoy the madness, Bobs, while Georgia starts enjoying some wins.

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