Is Perfect Georgia Offensive Coordinator Candidate Already In House?


Georgia is still searching for a new offensive coordinator, but the best person for the job might already be on staff.

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The Georgia offensive coordinator position is still open, and there have been rumors circulating about a number of potential candidates, from Chris Weinke to Brian Schottenheimer and even former Florida O.C., Kurt Roper.

There are any number of people who could fill this highly sought after position, but it’s possible that Mark Richt may have to look no further than…

The mirror.

You don’t hear many people talking about the possibility that Richt may want to take over play-calling for the offense himself once again. After all…he does have the qualifications.

Besides spending six successful seasons as the offensive coordinator at Florida State, Richt was also in charge of the offense for the Bulldogs during his first six seasons in Athens — seasons which even Richt detractors will admit were the most successful of his tenure with Georgia.

That’s not to say that Richt wouldn’t hire one of the candidates who have interviewed as a co-coordinator, or even possibly as a new quarterbacks coach who assists with the offensive planning, but the in-game play calling could be left up to Richt.

It wouldn’t be the worst solution, and would give Richt the opportunity to really focus on finding quality coaches for the quarterbacks and offensive line. It would also limit the amount of change that current players would have to endure by the installment of a completely new offense.

After 14 seasons, Richt may not have any interest in calling the plays himself, but I for one would like to see if some of the questionable decisions on offense that cropped up over the past eight seasons would be reduced or even eliminated.

Would you like to see Coach Richt take over the offense once again, or should a new O.C be found along with quarterbacks and offensive line coaches?

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