A Closer Look at Georgia’s Hire of Brian Schottenheimer for O.C.


Yesterday it was announced that Georgia had hired former St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to take the same position for the Bulldogs, so what can we expect?

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Georgia Bulldogs

Now that we’ve all had a day to digest the news of the Brian Schottenheimer hire, it’s time to break it down and take a closer look at what Georgia is getting, and whether or not this is the right man to help Georgia break through.

Schottenheimer is going to be calling the offensive plays as well as coaching and developing Georgia’s quarterbacks, so what can we hope to gain by this hire?


1. Schottenheimer has a good pedigree, being the son of legendary NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer. He’s been around football all his life, and has learned under some of the best in the business, including his father.

2. A pro-style coordinator is also a positive. Mark Richt has always believed in a more pro-style offense, and recruits quarterbacks who can run it. Having an offensive coordinator with extensive NFL experience helps to further that notion.

3. Some well-known and even legendary quarterbacks have been coached by Schottenheimer, including Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Philip Rivers.

4. Coming right from the NFL, Schottenheimer will be able to bring new ideas and wrinkles that have been developed and are succeeding in the pros.

5. Recruits could be visibly impressed by a coach who has so many connections in the NFL, and who could help guide them on their way to a professional career.


1. Schottenheimer has very limited experience coaching in college, with only two total seasons as an assistant, coaching wide receivers and tight ends. He’s never had to fully develop a college quarterback from scratch.

2. Not only a stranger to college coaching, Schottenheimer is also a stranger — even outsider — when it comes to Georgia, with absolutely zero connections to the program or its coaches. In fact, he’s a Florida graduate. A Gator.

3. The records sometimes speak for themselves, and Schottenheimer’s record as an offensive coordinator is not good. During his six seasons as NY Jets O.C., their offenses ranked 18th, 25th, 9th, 17th, 13th and 13th in the league. With the St. Louis Rams, his offense ranked 18th, 21st and 21st.

Jul 25, 2014; Earth City, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) talks with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer during training camp at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

4. Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez – a Heisman Trophy winning, and a national championship winning quarterback who Schottenheimer had under his charge, and failed to develop. In Bradford’s case, injuries did cut the amount of time available, but in a season and a half, there was little progress seen.

5. The first four years of Drew Brees’ career he was coached by Schottenheimer, and had nowhere near the success seen since taking over as starting quarterback for the Saints in 2006. Brees’ lowest yardage totals and completion percentages came while being coached by Schottenheimer.

At best, this looks like a risky hire by Mark Richt, and one that could possibly come back to haunt him if Georgia’s offense performs the way Schottenheimer-coached offenses have over the past nine NFL seasons.

While there have been no plans etched in stone yet, the best solution would be if Richt and Schottenheimer were to act as co-coordinators, with some coaching and planning put on Schottenheimers plate, while Richt focused on game-planning and play calling during the games.

Will Richt regret not promoting Bryan McClendon or John Lilly? That remains to be seen. Hopefully Schottenheimer will mesh well with the staff, and not frighten off any potential recruits due to his spotty record of success.

Obviously coach Richt saw something in Schottenheimer, and has a plan in place to make him successful. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into an offensive team version of Todd Grantham.

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