Alabama, Saban Taking Risk on Jonathan Taylor Another Reason to Admire Richt


Former Bulldog Jonathan Taylor as been admitted to Alabama and accepted with open arms by Nick Saban, all the more reason to love Mark Richt.

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So once again, a school from the state of Alabama has admitted a former Georgia player who was kicked off the team. Jonathan Taylor, who is facing charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence, is now a member of the Crimson Tide Nation.

Way to go, Nick Saban. You may have just secured the Insensitive Boob of the Year award.

In case you (or Saban) didn’t realize it, the subject of domestic violence and sexual assault are as sensitive as open razor wounds on the bottom of your feet right now…and Saban just squeezed a lemon all over it.

This is the same Jonathan Taylor who was already on a short leash due to the check-cashing scandal involving himself and three other teammates, so in my estimation…second chance used up. Don’t even try to throw that nonsense our way, coach Saban.

Per police reports, Taylor allegedly choked and struck the victim (his girlfriend) with a closed fist. She was left with “visible scratches and red marks to her neck and bruises on her arm and leg,” according to the report.

Taylor is 6’4″ and 340 pounds…his victim was all of 5’11” and 140 pounds – and this all allegedly happened in McWhorter Hall on the University of Georgia campus last July.

Mark Richt was absolutely correct to respond by dismissing Taylor for his arrest, and any coach in the Southeastern Conference willing to bring him onto their campus and into their locker room is doing more to give credence to the cries of the SEC being mercenaries and football factories than could be possibly imagined.

Coach Richt was (and always is) tolerant, fair and understanding with his student-athletes, and if you know a single thing about Richt or have read any statements he’s made, you know that he absolutely considers them to be both…student, and athlete.

Taylor had his chance, and he very well could have been dismissed following the check-cashing fraud. Instead, Richt went to bat for him and made sure he had a chance to continue playing.

And what did he do with that chance? Apparently he beat up his girlfriend with it.

But of course, Saban isn’t going to answer for this atrocity…just in the same way that he and too many other coaches teach their players not to answer for or be accountable for their actions and decisions.

But Bill Battle, the Alabama A.D., is more than happy to be Saban’s mouthpiece via

"“In this particular situation, we thoroughly investigated numerous sources regarding the young man. I had extensive discussions with several people who have been very close to him, including a lengthy visit with this young man. Our coaches and I feel he is worthy of a second chance at completing his college football career at this level, and that he fully understands the position in which he has placed himself.”"

Let me give you a translation of that statement in football terms: We just got bulldozed by Ohio State. Our defensive line was exposed up the middle, and coach Saban said we have to take this kid to help fix the problem.

And what does the University of Alabama spokesperson, Deborah Lane, have to say about it?

“Athletics is not involved in the admissions process.”

Really Deborah? Since when?

You can complain about Mark Richt sending “good players” off to other schools to be successful, but for my money I’d rather deal with lesser talent than have some of the stains potentially brought by players like Taylor.

Jonathan Taylor may go on to have a sensational career at Alabama, and he may even help bring them a championship. He also may be deserving of a second chance, but does that mean a scholarship to a Division I school before his case has even had its first motion to suppress denied?

I say, have at it, Bama. He’s all yours.

If what Richt does is taking the high moral ground, then I’m all for it.

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