Georgia Bulldogs Coaches: Cheers, complaints and grievances


The new year has brought some new Georgia Bulldogs coaches, as well as more of the same from the old ones.

I’m a Mark Fox fan, because the guy can coach.

Georgia Bulldogs
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Georgia Bulldogs

Having said that I’m wishing Greg McGarity just throws in one more dollar on Fox’s next paycheck so the guy can buy himself a personality.

The harsh reality of the situation is, it makes no difference if you’re coaching your phinobolies off, if you can’t shine a spotlight on the program, then your coaching knowledge is wasted. Oh, we appreciate your knowledge, of course, and there’s always a spot on the bench for you, just not the head coach’s spot.

It came to a head last week against Arkansas. I don’t care if it’s you, me or the Governor watching, what we did last week on national TV was embarrassing for everybody.

We were playing Arkansas in Stegeman as one of ESPN’s featured college games and it might as well have been the Claxton Fruitcake company team battling the Delta Mechanics team at the local YMCA on public access television.

Seeing what was witnessed in that coliseum, how would you as one of the premier recruits in America say to yourself, “Wow, I’m goin’ to Georgia, they got it goin’ on!” I mean, it’s stupid not to put any energy into a game presentation with national exposure.

Bulldawg basketball is dead because the powers that be want it that way, obviously. Get out the students, strike up the band, sign a circus troupe to spin dishes at halftime and at least fake being excited about basketball

On Brian Schottenheimer – Good, he’ll be fine; don’t get your panties in a lather, because Coach Richt is the offensive coordinator anyway.

There’s not going to be anything extraordinary going on in terms of scheme, nor does there need to be. What does need to be at is a deft handler and developer of young quarterbacks, and Schottenheimer is that, as was Mike Bobo.

Schotty, though, will bring a wealth of subtle knowledge of quarterbacking nuances. We’ve got four young quarterbacks to teach and massage – and just think how Schottenheimer’s experience at the highest level will play into their development.

Play Calling – Ahh, here’s where we may find a dilemma, or at least, an adjustment.

I don’t want Mark Richt to re-assume that responsibility, and I would have absolutely no qualms about naming Coach Lilly as the permanent play-caller. I loved the job he did in the Belk Bowl. I was paying particular attention to our play selection since I wanted to evaluate how we ran a game without Bobo.

Sep 20, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt coaches against the Troy Trojans during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated Troy 66-0. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I thought Lilly was as good, if not better than Mike. Maybe because I was watching so intently, but there definitely was a rhyme and a reason to what Lilly was dialing up. Our offense had an identifiable rhythm and there was continuity from 1st to 3rd down and series to series.

I’m going to miss Mike Bobo, I thought he was excellent, even with throwing on 1st and Goal from the 1-yard line, with Nick Chubb snortin’ and pawing his feet for the opportunity. We didn’t give it to him and the whole world came down on Bobo, as if he’s never entitled to surrender to his intuition.

Hey, the entire free world, as well as the 11 guys in different color jerseys, knew Chubb was going to get the ball, so Bobo thought he’s cross ‘em up. He made a mistake, we shoulda run it down their throat. Mike thought he’d entertain himself with a dose o’ whimsy and it backfired, thereby proving Mike is indeed a human being.

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