Georgia Bulldogs Throwback Thursday: Lacing up the hobnail boot (Video)


Today in our Georgia Bulldogs Throwback Thursday piece, we throw all the way back to the beginning of Mark Richt’s career at UGA, and a play that gave the Dawgs a come from behind win in Knoxville.

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This was no ordinary game for me, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

This game happened to be my first Georgia football game. Growing up as a Georgia fan in Knoxville it was not easy to make it to live games, so when my mom surprised me by taking me to this game I was beyond excited to finally see the team I loved playing in person.

It was October 6, 2001, and the beginning of Mark Richt’s career at Georgia. With the Dawgs down late in the 4th the boys had to march down the field quick. All of the Tennessee fans around us were already celebrating their win.

It had been a long time since Georgia had beaten Tennessee at Neyland and every Georgia fan in attendance had a worried look on their face. Would they have to leave Knoxville defeated again?

Enter the play, “P-44 Haynes.”

David Greene and Verron Haynes answered every Georgia fan’s prayer. With only seconds left Greene connects with Haynes in the endzone to give the Dawgs a win. I remember celebrating with my mom and the three other Georgia fans in our section and the Tennessee fans exiting the stadium as quickly as their beer belly would carry them.

Thanks for throwing back to my first game with me. Let’s sit back and watch a clip of that great time in UGA football history. Go Dawgs.

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