Georgia WR Chris Conley puts up freakish numbers at NFL Combine

Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley may have been already well-known to the Bulldog Nation, but now every NFL scout and coach is well aware of who he is after his performance at the NFL Combine.

Conley went into the Combine as a projected 6th-7th round draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, but that draft stock will probably rise after some absolutely freakish numbers that Conley posted today in Indianapolis.

The Georgia wideout wanted to make a good showing, as the lack of a deep passing attack in his senior season (by no fault of his own) may have put a damper on his draft stock.

He did that and more. Not only did Conley come darn close to hitting Chris Johnson’s combine record in the 40-yard dash, but he tied two others, the vertical jump and the broad jump. Even the folks at ESPN were impressed by Conley’s massive numbers.

Safe to say that the aspiring filmmaker was really channeling his inner-Jedi today.

Numbers at the combine are many times overblown, and can usually tell very little about a player’s ability. But with Conley, coming in with a pretty strong class of wide receivers, these numbers (along with some of his highlight film catches) will absolutely help his case for a higher round pick.

If Conley moves up to the 4th or even 5th round, it wouldn’t be surprising. With the pass-heavy offenses being employed in the NFL today, most teams are in need of more depth at the wide receiver position, so the higher the round the better for Conley.

Conley finished his career at Georgia with 117 receptions for 1,938 yards and 20 touchdowns, the bulk of those numbers coming in the last two year when he emerged as the Bulldogs’ top receiver after injuries sidelined Malcolm Mitchell.

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