Chris Conley’s open letter to Bulldog Nation will make your eyes tear up


Chris Conley has always been one of the classiest guys on the Georgia football team, and he proved it once again with a letter to the Bulldog Nation.

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It’s hard enough to see a guy like Chris Conley leave Athens, he didn’t have to go and make it worse by penning a heartwarming and genuine open letter to the Bulldog Nation expressing his gratitude and love for UGA….

But he did.

Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was contacted by Conley and asked if he would publish a letter, to which Towers promptly said yes.

The letter is a 580-word masterpiece in which Conley thanks the fans, all his coaches and teammates and gives a little insight into the mindset that a young man must take as he steps into post-college life. The aspiring filmmaker has always been a fan favorite, and this letter shows why.

Conley also talks of community, and responsibility — things that so many players today give absolutely no thought to at all, saying:

"People joke that I will one day be a politician because of the way I speak, the way I interact with everyone, or how I like to bring people together. I don’t hope to one day hold one of those positions, but rather I would like to set an example that we as people should have a goal to unite families, neighborhoods, and cities for the well-being of our state and then our country. Call me an idealist but I believe that all it takes for change to take root is a willing participant and the faith that it will happen."

That’s just vintage Chris Conley right there, and one of the reasons he was such a huge success on the field, despite not being ranked as one of the nation’s top recruits when he came to Georgia.

You can see the entire text of Conley’s letter on Chip Tower’s column in the AJC, and believe me it’s worth the entire read.

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