Georgia Football: Colorado State already picking fight with Bulldogs


The Georgia football program lost their offensive coordinator and offensive line coach to Colorado State, so why are the Rams picking fights with the Dawgs?

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You knew it would only be a matter of time before something ignited between Georgia and Colorado State, with the Rams pilfering two of the Bulldogs longtime coaches. The two teams may not be scheduled to play each other anytime soon, but a war of words has already begun.

According to, the folks at Colorado State aren’t too happy with Georgia’s preseason hype video titled, The Grind.

Colorado State is claiming that Georgia “stole” the motto from the Rams, with CSU strength and conditioning coach Ryan Davis pointing a finger (although not specifically naming) Georgia’s way about their supposed motto.

There is a video of Davis talking to his players about the situation where he strongly implies that the Bulldogs are pinching their precious motto. They’ve titled it “Taking Back ‘The Grind‘”.

Hey, guess what Colorado State…”the grind” is a phrase that’s been around much longer than you’ve had a football program at your school. If you want to lay exclusive claim to a silly slogan, at least have the courtesy to do what Texas A&M did, and copyright your supposed property.

This is obviously just an attempt to bring a little attention to the program and to see if it can’t proliferate some fan interest in a game between the two schools eventually. Not that most Bulldog fans wouldn’t love to see that anyway.

Bobo and Richt are probably having a good laugh about this ridiculous episode.