Georgia WR Chris Conley Shows Admiration for Atlanta Falcons


Chris Conley, one of several former Georgia Bulldogs who will be in the 2015 NFL Draft, seems to like his hometown Atlanta Falcons.

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Most NFL draft prospects don’t get to really choose where they go (unless their from a powerful family named Manning) nor do they usually have any idea of who will be the team to select them. But Georgia’s Chris Conley wouldn’t seem to mind if the Atlanta Falcons called his name come April 30.

According to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, Conley — originally from Atlanta suburb Dallas, Ga. — has always felt a strong connection to his hometown NFL team.

“I moved around as a kid but believe or not, I did watch the Falcons as a kid because of their logo,” Conley told McClure. “I knew nothing about them, but I did watch them. When I was kid, we knew nothing about football so we picked our favorite football teams based on who had the coolest logos. So my teams were the Falcons and the Broncos. I remember those days, and it’s interesting that I moved here right outside of Atlanta.”

But it wasn’t just the Falcons’ cool logo that kept Conley’s interest. According to McClure, he followed the careers of players like Roddy White and Matt Ryan with a lot of interest, and took a lot of pride in the success the team has recently had.

Conley came into this year’s NFL Draft Combine projected as a possible 5th round pick or later, but his incredible performance got folks talking in a hurry, and his draft stock has been on the rise ever since. Bulldog fans has always known how intelligent and hard-working Conley was, and now the pro football world is getting a glimpse of that.

So, have the Falcons been in touch with Conley and asked him to work out for them?

“I haven’t had much going on with them in terms of their coaches or working out for them, but people are always watching,” Conley said. “You’ve got to be ready for everything.”

Typical of the Falcons, who for whatever reason, seem to ignore a lot of the talent sitting in their own back yard.

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