Georgia Basketball: What We Learned From the UGA Cagers in 2015

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It takes a lot of players to run through a season and the post season, good ones – a lot of good ones.

The conference schedule is unforgiving and for every team, at times, unfair. It takes many players to climb the hills each season presents. To the casual eye, Georgia began the 2015 season with plenty of players. But there weren’t nearly enough.

Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Bulldogs /

Georgia Bulldogs

Injuries to Marcus Thornton, Juwan Parker, Kenny Paul Geno, J. J. Frazier and Kenny Gaines demonstrated the need for a deeper roster. Injuries not only limit a team’s weapons, it forces players to play longer and grinds players down over the weeks of the season. Injuries reduce practice time for injured players and timing and technique suffer.

Not only does Georgia need more players, it needs better players. The match up against Michigan State – on a neutral court with both teams well rested – provides perspective: When Branden Dawson, a McDonald’s High School All-American went to the bench with foul trouble, he was replaced by Matt Costello, another McDonald High School All-American.

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