Are Georgia Football Fans Crazy, or Just Hungry for a Title?


Georgia football fans, and the entire Bulldog Nation, get poked fun at because of their rampant insistence that Georgia is always a contender. Is it craziness or just a pained hunger to win a title?

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Much of the rest of the college football world loves to call bullsh…well, call out the Bulldog Nation when they talk smack about how good the Dawgs are, or how they’ll win that national championship this year.

“Oh Georgia is good, huh? Were you even alive the last time they won a title?”

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, huh UGA?”

“Georgia is just the bottom-feeders of the SEC elite”

“O-ver-ra-ted! O-ver-ra-ted!”

All these jabs and other particularly hurt the loyal Georgia fan, mostly (and unfortunately) because they’re true.

But is it crazy for fans to continue to believe? Is it nuts to hold fast to the belief that a string of bad breaks, and twists of fate have kept Georgia from rising to the top once again?

Absolutely not.

Even our buddies at Bleacher Report seem to grasp what goes on in the mind of a passionate and steadfast Bulldog fan, naming the Bulldog Nation in its 10 Craziest Student Sections in College Football recently. (My favorite quote from that piece, “This type of craziness—the type that screams FIRE COACH X!!! after every loss or turnover—is misguided, but it stems from Georgia’s bloodthirst to win a title.”)

And that’s exactly what it is…a bloodthirst. It makes Georgia fans go absolutely bonkers when the Bulldogs don’t play up to their potential, or when one small coaching blunder or missed call by an official costs not just a game, but a shot at glory for the Dawgs.

But loyalty is never in question.

Sep 7, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; A Georgia Bulldogs fan cheers in the stands before the game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Fans come and go from other programs. Stadiums sit nearly empty and have so few fans at games that you can actually hear individual voices cheering on the television – and we aren’t talking programs that have never had success. Programs as storied as Miami can barely call what they draw to a game a “crowd”.

Not at Georgia, and not in Athens. Fans may scream and call for the heads of coaches, but they always show up…they always wear their colors proudly…and they always cheer for their team as if they were undefeated and on the way to a title.

No, not craziness, and certainly not delusion. Georgia fans know exactly who their team is, and exactly what they are capable of. The hunger for another title — SEC or otherwise — is what drives them to become as intense as the Georgia Joker and the Spike Squad.

Here’s to the Bulldog Nation! Call us out, call us crazy, but don’t ever call us bad fans.

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