Local Athens Entrepreneur Brings the Speaker Helmet to Georgia Bulldogs


A speaker in a football helmet will have thousands of Georgia Bulldogs slapping their foreheads, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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Georgia fans can soon hear the voice of Scott Howard painting the picture of a Bulldog Saturday afternoon from a Georgia football helmet.

As reported in onlineathens.com and other news outlets, Athens resident Ted Mayer has created the hottest piece of Bulldog gear for this fall, the Fan Tunes Speaker system. The system is a Bluetooth enabled audio system built into a Georgia football helmet. Current licensing agreements are limited to Georgia, Georgia Tech and a few other colleges. Expect the number of team helmets to increase.

Mayer spoke with Chris Starrs of onlineathens.com. “It is a phenomenal-sounding product,” Mayer said. “Every time we demo this thing in front of customers or fans it just blows their minds. It’s an exceptional, high-end piece of gear all housed in a football helmet. Sounds crazy, but it seems to be working.”

After tinkering with a sound system housed in coffee cans, Mayer had a revelation and the football helmet replaced the coffee can.

Mayer continued speaking to Starrs of onlineathens.com. “I was out one evening walking my dog and this vision of a Georgia helmet came into my mind,” he said. “I like Georgia football and follow the Bulldogs. I saw this helmet with speakers being built into it with a bigger, more robust sound that captures a piece of fan-wear that I know Bulldogs fans would be excited about.”

Mayer is not a novice entrepreneur, operating Logo & Lapel, an embroidery, apparel, and promotional and gift merchandiser in Athens selling everything from toddler wear to executive wear.

The speaker in a helmet system is called FanTunes Speaker System. The new company is Audio Icons. Units are assembled in Athens, Georgia. The helmet speaker system includes two 3-inch subwoofers and two 1-inch full-range speakers. The system is pricey, retailing between 300.0 and 400.00. Expect to see them at many tailgates this fall.

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