Georgia Football Springtime: Give the Fans and Players What They Want


Five simple G-Day rule changes that will spice up the Georgia football springtime for everyone.

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The Bulldog Nation stops at nothing to embroil itself in controversy. Even the quarterback battle, the controversial gift that keeps on giving, isn’t enough for Dawg fans who can’t go to the water cooler without something to argue about. The latest hullabaloo arrived with the announced G-Day attendance of 46,815.

While Georgia fans snickered, pundits asked the question, “How can G-Day attendance be increased.”

My homeboy and darn good Dawg Bill King offered several suggestions in his Junkyard Blawg, including a return to the alumni vs. current players game, more meaningful special team plays, and scrimmages against other college teams.

The idea of playing against another college team, the “spring scrimmage concept,” has been floated from time to time. Such an event would draw a huge crowd. But that idea ‘s time will never come.

So what is the answer to a more exciting spring scrimmage? Dawn of the Dawg invites you to “get the picture” and imagine a thrilling spring afternoon in the  Classic City.

The Game Must Mean Something

First, the game has to mean something to the fans. Right now, Georgia always wins. How boring is that?

Nothing gets the Bulldog nation in a tizzy more than the Bulldog’s uniforms. Black or red, new or old, traditional or modern – NOW we’re talking interested fans.

Rule change Number 1: If the black team wins, the Dawgs wear black uniforms at home the following season. If the Red team wins, it’s the traditional red uniforms between the hedges.

Apr 12, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Faton Bauta (10) throws the ball over linebacker Davin Bellamy (17) during the first half of the Georgia Spring game at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Also, with the constant bickering over traditional vs. modern uniforms, change the quarterback uniforms. In recent years, quarterbacks wore special jerseys indicating, “do not tackle.”

Rule change Number 2: quarterbacks will wear Nike pro combat uniforms. Not only will they look cool, we don’t tackle very well when wearing pro combat uniforms, a reminder to the defense to lay off the quarterbacks.

Special Teams Must Be Special

Can we add some excitement to special teams? Kicks offs and punts require too much valuable practice time in the spring, so let’s focus on field goals.

Rule change Number 3: portable goal posts will be employed and the defense may “move the goal posts” within the field of play while field goals or extra points are attempted.


The biggest problem during G-Day may actually be halftime. What are fans supposed to do? There is no band to watch, no team reunions, no military celebrations. Visit the spring scrimmage version of Sanford Stadium concessions? Yuch.

Rule change Number 4: pie in the face halftime exhibition. During halftime, the down trodden, no talent, never-hear-their-name-called-until-senior-day-walk-ons throw pies in the faces of scholarships players. The exhibition starts with rising seniors that have never played throwing pies in the faces of All-Americans and working up and down the ranks.

Give ‘Em What They Want

Of course, we could just give the fans what they want. And at the same time, give the players what they want.

Rule change number 5: fifteen-yard penalty for non-excessive celebration.

If the players don’t celebrate, flag ‘em.

Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Bulldogs /

Georgia Bulldogs

They’ll adjust .

“Just throw the flag!”

“Come on, you have to call that!”

The Simple Solution

All of these rule changes are easy to implement. Fan interest increases and, for the coaches, the question, “who’s our starting quarterback” is replaced with, “can you give us the pie throwing order.”

Of course, really, none of this is necessary. There is a simpler way to increase G-Day attendance.

Play the game on any weekend other than Masters Weekend.



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