UGA Linebacker Jordan Jenkins thanks GT for ‘Locker Room Material’


Georgia linebacker Jordan Jenkins took the insult of Georgia Tech’s Orange Bowl rings with “State Champs” inscribed on them to heart.

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Georgia Tech took the interesting approach to celebrating their rare win over the Bulldogs by marking the occasion on their 2014 Orange Bowl Championship rings by having “State Champs” inscribed on the rings. While this doesn’t quite have the resonating ring (pun intended) of “We Run This State”, it was a bit of a white-glove slap in the faces of the Dawgs.

Georgia linebacker Jordan Jenkins took exception to this weak ploy by the Jackets, and voiced his feelings about the obvious poke at the Bulldogs on Twitter (tweets now deleted). [H/T –]

Georgia Tech’s 2014 overtime win was their first over Georgia since 2008 and only their second in 15 years. If that’s the meaning of “state champs” then its easy to see why the Jackets feel the need to celebrate such a rarely celebrated feat.

What the Bulldogs (or at least Jenkins) can glean from this is that the Yellow Jackets are full of confidence and will meet Georgia with a minimal amount of respect and fear when the two lock up at Bobby Dodd Stadium on Nov. 28.

Big mistake on the part of the home team there.

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