Georgia Football: 10 Myths, Stereotypes Bulldog Fans Need to Dispel

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No. 2: Cops in Athens only tow illegally parked out-of-state cars on game days

Come on folks, really? Must we?

Maybe in the Dust Bowl, the Midwest or Northeast, parking for football games isn’t a problem. But at UGA (and most of the rest of the SEC, Nashville not withstanding) parking on a game weekend is a nightmare. If you find a spot, legal or not, you grab it and take up a collection with your fellow tailgaters for the parking ticket.

The cops aren’t going to go hunting out-of-state plates to find cars to tow so as to make room for alumni…after all, some of those plates might actually belong to alumni.

Now, if you have OOS plates and a bumper/window sticker showing allegiance to the other team…well, stupidity comes in many forms. Get here earlier, we aren’t making any promises.

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