Georgia Bulldogs New Indoor Facility Could Be Ready by 2016


The Georgia Bulldogs are going to get a long-awaited and desperately needed indoor practice facility, and recent reports are that it could be ready by the 2016 season.

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How soon will the Bulldogs get that fancy new indoor practice facility they’ve been needing? According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it could be as early as 2016. UGA president Jere Morehead was asked about the timeline for the proposed $30 million project just before speaking to alumni and fans at the UGA Days event in Rome, Ga. on Thursday.

“The soonest construction could begin is January,” Morehead said. “You don’t want to interfere with the preparation of the football team. But it’s hard for me to tell you a firm date until our construction engineer evaluates everything and gives us a plan. I would expect we’ll have more to say about it at the athletic board meeting in May.”

A January ground-breaking would be pushing things to have it ready for 2016’s Spring practices, but it could conceivably be complete for the Fall, barring any construction or finance delays.

The upgrade will not only provide a boost to how players are able to train and practice (bringing them up to par with other elite programs in the nation) but it will also become a new gem to show off for recruiting puposes.

“I think everyone knows we’re committed to building it,” he said. “Now it’s just about making sure we have designs approved and the approval of the Board of Regents.”

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