Are Mark Richt and Mark Fox Georgia’s Best Ever Coaching Duo?

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Mark Richt and Mark Fox are the head coaches Georgia’s two most recognizable athletic programs, but are they the best football and basketball duo the Bulldogs have ever seen?

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Georgia Bulldogs

When you are the head coach for a Division I football or basketball program, you have a lot of eyes watching your every move and listening to every sentence you utter. When that school happens to be an SEC school, the heat gets turned up even further.

Georgia has seen some pretty good football coaches over the years, and has produced some coaching legends in the process. That same can’t be said for the hoops program, where Georgia has traditionally struggled to maintain an identity and to remain a postseason tournament contender from year to year.

But with Mark Richt and Mark Fox at the helm of the football and basketball teams, the fortunes of both programs are on the rise and have become respected in both the SEC and on a national level. Heck, they’ve even been mistakenly called each other by the press. That said, are they the best duo to ever be on Georgia’s campus together?

Here’s a look at some of Georgia’s more notable coaching duos, and how they stack up against each other on the all-time list in Bulldog history.

(Note: Dates in slide titles are when both coaches were present on staff)

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