Are Mark Richt and Mark Fox Georgia’s Best Ever Coaching Duo?

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Dr. J. Don Edwards (second from right), East Lake Foundation board member, shows new school plans to Georgia coaches (left to right) Andy Landers, Mark Richt and Mark Fox during the Learn, Play, Excel program at Drew Charter School on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. (Photo by Steven Colquitt, courtesy of University of Georgia)

Mark Richt (Football) and Mark Fox (Basketball) – 2009-Present

The two Marks have both indelibly made their mark upon their respective programs. While Richt has enjoyed a lot of success, including winning 75 percent of his games and two SEC titles, Fox has been building his own impressive resume, getting some top name recruits to join him in Athens, and going to two NCAA Tournaments.

Both are consistently winning coaches, who keep the programs clean and in good shape, but the big prizes have eluded them both for now.

If a couple of rings are added to the fingers of this duo, they’ll easily take over the top spot as Georgia’s best ever coaching duo for football and basketball.

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