Former Georgia Bulldog Benjamin Watson Speaks Out on Baltimore Riots


Benjamin Watson, the former Georgia standout who has enjoyed a massively successful NFL career, had something to say about the civil unrest happening in the city of Baltimore.

This isn’t an article to denounce or support what is happening in Baltimore, as there are passionate feelings on both sides, and certainly plenty to be found right and wrong no matter how you look at it. That said, it is nice to hear of a former Georgia star who has no fear in speaking his mind.

All we wish to do here is to share the thoughts of a great former Bulldog, and hopefully to offer some food for thought for those who wish to digest it.

Benjamin Watson, who played tight end at Georgia from 2001-2003, has always been one to speak his mind, from videos that go viral to very candid interviews. Waston, who was born in Norfolk, Va., took fingers to keyboard on his Facebook page to send out a plea for some sanity in dealing with the unfortunate situation in Baltimore:

"We have major problems as a nation. Yesterday Ferguson burned. Tonight ‪#‎Baltimore‬ burns. Tomorrow it will be another city in our homeland. Watching the coverage I’m hearing yet another version of a nauseatingly familiar narrative. Violence by police reciprocated by violence by the community, reciprocated by violence by police reciprocated by…. It seems fruitless to continue to analyze, condemn, and respond to these dreadful episodes. “Frustration, anger, tension boiling over, upset and unfortunate” are words we hear from Baltimore residents. When it comes to law enforcement, race, poverty, education, immigration we always talk about fixing “broken” systems.We resolve to legislate for education, job creation, and systemic overhaul. These are helpful and definitely needed BUT we have done all of these things at nauseum and look at us!! Without a change of heart these attempts fail us. So what can we say? What can we do? Systems are broken because people are broken and if systems are fixed without hearts being changed the result will be a legalistic attempt that will lack long term results. Our problems are wholistic and common to the human heart. Hatred, prejudice, exploitation, pride, self righteousness, secrecy, and rebellion, manifest itself in the explosions we’ve seen over the last year, the last century, and the last millennia. Georgia Bulldogs Dawn of the Dawg 0d - Georgia Football: Top 5 Nick Chubb Moments at Georgia More headlines around FanSided: 0d - Most heartwarming social media reactions to Nick Chubb's injury 0d - Georgia Football: Know the enemy UAB Blazers 1d - Nick Chubb is America's running back, and he will return 1d - Georgia Football: Should laundry list of injuries be a cause to panic? 1d - Georgia Football: Report cards for Week 3 game against South Carolina More News at Dawn Of The Dawg Tonight I see so much entrenched pain without remedy. Most are handling it without violence while a few are committing the unacceptable.Tonight I see young children, asking like my daughter did earlier, “What’s happening daddy”, in desperate need of parents to walk them through these disturbing scenes.Tonight I see “smoke,” but we must address the fire. The response that we are watching is just “smoke” from years of hopelessness. After each situation the more I am convinced that the love of God for our fellow brothers and sisters who were created in His image, is our only hope for reconciliation. But the only way we can even see him that way is if God illuminates our view and changes our thought process. I’m not talking about holding hands and singing. Love is an action that compels one to treat another with dignity and respect even if they don’t deserve it. It pushes for education and opportunities for those in poverty. It gives identity and self worth. It administers justice without abuse. It honors authority and promotes peace. It is not weak, but strong for what is right!Tonight I see a brokenness that only Christ can give us the wisdom and power to mend.We pray for every disaster that happens to us. Bombings, natural disasters, cancer and outbreaks. What we’ve seen in our country lately deserves that same attention. Our attempts to fix this have fallen short.We, and most importantly, the body of Christ, must stand for justice in all areas, for all people. We must set the standard for the correct way to treat people.Tonight I pray for the pastors, leaders, police and community of Baltimore.Tonight I ‪#‎PrayForAmerica‬."

The post has received over 27,000 “likes” to date on Facebook and has been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook alone. It would seem there are a lot of people out there who share in Watson’s sentiment.

Whether or not you agree isn’t the point here, but what is refreshing to see is that there is a professional athlete who’s out there trying to do some good, make a difference and become the (here comes that dirty phrase) role-model that so many young people seem to be lacking today.

Ben Watson, you are and always will be a #DGD, and the Bulldog Nation loves and appreciates you.

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