Georgia Bulldogs Not Considering Ohio State for Possible Out of Conference Series (And its Eating Them Up)


The Georgia Bulldogs are looking at several marquee programs to add for some future football series, but Ohio State won’t be among those considered.

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With the emphasis on strength of schedule by the College Football Playoff Committee, many Power-5 programs are looking to dust off some of their lighter cupcakes and to bring in some heavy-hitters on their schedules. Georgia is one of those teams, and there are plenty of Power-5 schools who would love to have the Bulldogs on their schedule.

At one time, Ohio State did…but they backed out, citing “scheduling difficulties”.  Translated, that means that they were flat skeered to schedule a Pac-12 opponent (a conference with whom they had an agreement) and Georgia in the same season.

Wipe the tears away, Dawg fans. I know.

Now that the playoffs are a reality and adding more tough teams is almost a necessity, it seems as though some in the Buckeye nation want to call out Georgia as chicken because athletic director Greg McGarity isn’t going to consider the Buckeyes as a possible opponent.

The reason has nothing to do with fear of the big bad Buckeyes, it’s because of their coach.

“Once Urban came in that was off the table,” McGarity said.

Urban Meyer was head coach at Florida, and that essentially eliminates him from any scheduling consideration or pleasantries unless he were to return to the SEC and it were mandated by the league. If Spurrier weren’t at South Carolina you’d better believe that the Bulldogs wouldn’t be anywhere near his smug puss or even within visor range.

The Buckeyes just don’t get it. You coach in orange and blue, and you’re dead to the Dawgs, regardless of whether or not you had success against them. Yes, even for former Bulldogs like Will Muschamp. He moves out of the SEC, and he’ll not be on the opposite sidelines by any choice of Georgia’s athletic department, you can bet that.

Georgia has plenty of solid relationships with quality teams and coaches in the Big Ten, they don’t need to pander to Meyer and his ego.

Nor should they.

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