Georgia Football’s 5 Biggest Year-Changing Moments of 2014

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Oct 11, 2014; Columbia, MO, USA; A Georgia Bulldogs shows her support for running back Todd Gurley (3) (not pictured) during the first half against the Missouri Tigers at Faurot Field. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

No. 2: NCAA Denies Georgia’s Request to Reinstate Todd Gurley vs. Florida

Once everything came to light in the Todd Gurley autograph scandal (if you can call a student-athlete making some money from his own success and likeness a “scandal”), the Bulldogs were accepting of the fact that they would lose their star running back for a few games.

The hope was that the NCAA would see fit to give Gurley the minimum punishment, particularly in light of how the entire situation unfolded and the questionable motives of his accuser, and that the Bulldogs would have Gurley on the field in Jacksonville against the hated Gators.

No such luck.

The NCAA denied Georgia’s request, and Gurley was not to return until the Nov. 15 game against Auburn.

Would having Gurley available against Florida have made a difference? Most optimists would like to think so, and it’s hard to deny that the 1-2 Gurley-Chubb punch would have been more effective in keeping the Gators offensive off the field.

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