Georgia Football’s 5 Biggest Year-Changing Moments of 2014

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No. 1: Phantom Calls and Poor Officiating vs. South Carolina

A holding call that wasn’t a hold, a questionable spot, a very suspect ruling on said spot, and suddenly the Georgia season that started with so much promise against Clemson was reduced to yet another “we can’t afford another loss” season by South Carolina and Steve Spurrier.

You hate to be that person who blames a loss on the officials, and in truth, Georgia had more than one opportunity to put that game away (like handing the ball to Gurley instead of getting the ridiculous intentional grounding call against Hutson Mason), but the game officials did a lot to squash Georgia’s chances.

The SEC reviewed Mark Richt’s complaints with the officiating, and while there was no admission of absolute guilt, it was obvious that even the league believed that the zebras upstaged the players in a crucial early season game.

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