10 Biggest Georgia Recruiting Busts of the Mark Richt Era

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No. 7: Joe Tereshinski III

Year – 2002
Position – Quarterback
Why he’s a bust – Never lived up to the hype

Tereshinski was a legacy at Georgia, but even without the namesake he was still going to be recruited coming out of Athens Academy as the No. 6 pro-style quarterback in the nation. It was a perfect fit, and JTIII would make his own name as a Bulldog.

However, Tereshinski just wasn’t the QB everyone thought he was. After redshirting in his freshman year, JTIII fell to third on the depth chart in 2003, not getting any opportunities to work as a starter until 2005 when he filled in for D.J. Shockley. He spend most of his playing time at Georgia on special teams and working with the scout team.

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