The All-Time Underappreciated Georgia Basketball Team

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Courtesy of University of Georgia

Ronnie Hogue

Toiling in Coach Ken Rosemond’s post-Bob Lienhard years, only one of Ronnie Hogue’s teams earned a winning record. A three-year starter from 1971-1973, Hogue scored over 16 points a game his sophomore and senior season and over 20 points a game his junior year. He owns the Georgia single game scoring record with 46. He was All-SEC his senior year. He led the team in scoring in 1971 and 1972. Hogue ranks 21st on the Georgia single season scoring average list and 15th on the career-scoring list – second to only one Bulldog who played prior to freshman eligibility, Bob Lienhard.

Hogue’s career, like Marbury’s and Lienhard’s, marked a turning point in the Bulldog Basketball programs. Unlike Lienhard and Marbury, his impact is still felt. Ronnie Hogue was the first African-American scholarship athlete at the University of Georgia.

Underappreciated but not forgotten, Hogue returned to Athens for the 2011 Senior Night to receive a halftime recognition in celebration of the University’s 50th anniversary of desegregation.

Hogue figured prominently in the profiles of pioneering African-American athletes presented in Barry Jacobs’ book, Across the Line and Hogue’s struggles and impact are well chronicled. Also well chronicled is the mutual love and appreciation he shared with his teammates, coaches, and the University.

Hogue came to Georgia at a special time. He is unique person – not only a pioneer, but a great talent. He contributed to not only the culture and advancement of the University, but he played great basketball.

Credit for luring Hogue to Athens from his tough Washington, DC neighborhood goes to former assistant and head coach John Guthrie. Guthrie left an unfortunate won-loss legacy typical of most past Georgia basketball coaches. His efforts bringing African-American student athletes to Athens and to make them feel welcome is far more significant.

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