Missouri Wants the Georgia Bulldogs As A Rival: Top Five Reasons to say “NO”

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Jan 15, 2015; Gainesville, FL, USA; Florida Gators fans during the second half of an NCAA basketball game at Stephen C. O

No Orange

Missouri does not include orange as a school color. The only Georgia rivals without orange are Tech and South Carolina.

After a century of insults, arrogance, and drunken behavior – not to mention cursing, Tech easily slides by with no orange. When Missouri beats Georgia eight straight, starts chop blocking, claims victories over Georgia playing barn storming all-American ringers avoiding military duty against freshman and 4Fs, and the Marching Mizzou covers the Georgia midfield logo with an MU, the Dawgs will get back to you.

South Carolina has no orange, but the Old Ball Coach wore plenty and in the South, it’s all about family – hate is passed on with the coach. It’s a legacy

Besides, it took a while to accept South Carolina as a rival. A couple of good consecutive wallops of the Gamecocks and the Dawgs probably drop it – if Georgia  can pull that off.

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