Georgia Football: The All-Time Greatest Penn Wagers Games (video)

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Georgia Auburn 2007: No colors anymore I want them to turn black

After the 2007 Georgia – Florida game defined the Penn Wagers – Georgia Bulldog affair, Wagers was dispatched to Athens for the Blackout of Auburn. But there were no aftershocks to the Georgia celebration in Jacksonville and with black jerseys and a red hot Georgia football team, Penn Wagers is a footnote in the record of the evenings proceedings.

That was maybe first or second on the fun-meter for me.

The Bulldogs warmed up in the traditional home, “red hats, red tops with white numerals and grey pants” only to return for kick off in black. It was a special night as the Dawgs scored the final 28 points of the game on the fifth ranked Auburn defense to pound the Tigers 45 – 20. The black jerseys were historic. The 45 Georgia points were historic. And it was fun.

In the locker room, the Assosciated Press quoted Richt as hundreds of white souvenir sized foam footballs rained from the black garbed Georgia student section. “That was maybe first or second on the fun-meter for me.”

Even Penn Wagers couldn’t ruin the fun.

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