Georgia Bulldogs Enjoy the Steve Spurrier Melt Down – video


Georgia Bulldogs watched with the rest of the world as Steve Spurrier gathered reporters to fight back against his enemies. Will Spurrier ever give it rest?

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Like the rest of the free world, Georgia football fans are sick of Steve Spurrier and have been for long time.

He’s a great coach. No one has argued otherwise for a while, except maybe a few folks in Washington, D. C. But Spurrier carries on him a mouth that won’t quit.

His arrogance knows no bounds.

Graciousness eludes his character.

Perhaps a preacher’s son can’t help it. But Georgia and the rest of the Universe have been waiting for Steve Spurrier to make a complete fool of himself and the Head Ball Coach (really, who calls themselves “he Head Ball Coach?”) obliged with aplomb.

Steve Spurrier called a press conference to announce, according to David Cloninger of the, “Now that we’re 7-6, we got some enemies out there.”

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The reviews would close any other show.

“He was petulant. He was paranoid,” Dan Wolken, USAtoday.

“How can a guy who has spent his adult life tweaking others  feel he’s above the fray?” Mark Bradley,


Indeed, if Spurrier has enemies, he had them way before South Carolina went 7-6, and he made them himself.

And if Steve Spurrier has enemies (enemies, really, did he say “enemies?”) it’s because he has such a big mouth and his whit has remained forever sophomoric.

“You can’t spell Citrus without UT”

“You know what FSU stands for, don’t you? Free Shoes University”

Regarding the loss of books in an Auburn dorm fire:“but the real tragedy was that fifteen hadn’t been colored yet.”

And he hasn’t slowed down.

If Steve Spurrier has enemies, it’s because he carries a chip on his shoulder. How long can he carry a chip? How about 30 years.

Chris Low of quotes Spurrier, “I still remember Vince Dooley saying when they fired Galen Hall that he couldn’t believe it, and he was as good a coach as they could possibly have at Florida. I said then, ‘I hope a Georgia coach never says that about me.'”

Poor Galen Hall.

And Spurrier has spotted lots of enemies out there.  From Tony Santaella of

“A guy from Atlanta wrote Spurrier will flame out, he won’t make it, he’s arrogant, he’s cocky, he can’t recruit ’cause nobody likes him, he won’t last [at Florida]. And then yet, our local newspaper let’s that same guy put something in our local paper the other day, talking about I’m too old.”

He was petulant. He was paranoid

The memory and the grace of an elephant, that’s the Head Ball Coach.

Georgia fans know the real reason for Spurrier’s ill will toward Georgia, and it has nothing to do with Florida. It’s personal.

In Spurrier’s Heisman winning season, he was to lead the Gators to an SEC Championship. But Georgia, led by George Patton and Bill Stanfill, chased Spurrier around the Gator Bowl like a Greyhound chasing Frisbees and Spurrier’s rightful SEC Championship was stolen by the Bulldogs. I wonder if Spurrier considered blaming his offensive lineman? Spurrier became, and remains, the butt of Georgia jokes for his frustrations that afternoon and it hurts. It still hurts. It’s going to hurt.

It happened 50 years ago, enough time to get over their hurt.

The purported reason for Spurrier holding court is age. Steve Spurrier is 70 years old.

From Chris Low again, “I’m suddenly too old, and we’re on our way down.”

“Gamecocks out there need to know that I’m going to be here five or six more years, and away we go.”

So far, no reports of cartwheels in the streets of Columbia.

Might Spurrier have brought any of this on himself?

“I don’t want to coach too far into my 60s. By then, I’ll be playing golf four or five times a week.”


“You know, Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] lost to Mercer two years ago in the NCAA tournament and came back and won a national championship last year.”


“I’m a big believer in Attila the Hun’s book.”

Spurrier is just like Coach K and aspires to be like Attila the Hun.

The enemies are coming for Spurrier and they’re wearing white coats.

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