Paul Johnson Says Georgia Football Is Not So Special


Head Football Coach Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech are a match made in Heaven, or Hell, depending on your perspective.

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“I can assure you.”

How often does a lie follow those four words?

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Which “some other teams” would those be, exactly?


Paul Johnson: the wit of Steve Spurrier . . . without the wit.

Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Paul Johnson is just tired of hearing about Georgia football.

He isn’t bragging,

With an overwhelming 2-5 record against the Bulldogs, how could he be bragging? By my slide rule, that is a 28.5 winning percentage. A whopping .8 percent better than Tech’s winning percentage against Georgia since 1960. But even in the grand scheme of Georgia Tech athletics, that is very little to brag about. Tech’s historical rate of success against Georgia is 39%, and that’s giving the vacated wins.

Johnson and Tech are a match made in heaven

Tech coaches Bud Carson, Bill Curry, and Bobby Ross have managed to string together two consecutive wins against the Bulldogs. George O’Leary got the Dawgs 3 straight. John Heisman beat the Dawgs five in a row from 1904-1909 (no game in 1908). The heroics of Georgia’s first All-American Bob McWhorter broke this early drought.

And Bobby Dodd, the original Yellow Jacketed quipster, rolled over “Georgie” for eight straight, the drought broken by Theron Sapp’s touchdown in 1956. (I was one, my dad was 31. I am not sure either of us have had a finer moment since – although me and both my kids matriculated at Georgia. That’s pretty close, especially for my dad.)

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Dodd managed to string together three more consecutive wins but only after the Dawgs took three straight.

At least Johnson will have another chance for two in a row in 2015.

Johnson isn’t bragging, though. Robbie Kalland of notes that Johnson’s Yellow Jacket record of 2-5 against Georgia compares to a 5-3 record against Clemson (one win is the vacated 2009 ACC title) and 2-2 against Florida State. Johnson is just tired of Georgia.

Dawn of the Dawg gave its top five of the many reason’s Georgia hates Georgia Tech. Yes, one of them was Paul Johnson. When he’s not chop blocking opponents into the emergency room in the fall and not chop blocking his own defense into the emergency room in the spring (why would anyone want to play defense at Georgia Tech knowing you are going to get chop blocked all spring), he is shooting his mouth off in the summer.

How does Georgia make it into Paul Johnson’s pre-season conversation?

Because Johnson and Tech are a match made in heaven. Like all Yellow Jackets, Johnson is tired of hearing about Georgia.

There’s more to running a state than a couple wins in seven years, and Johnson knows it.

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