Georgia Football Dominates UGA Days at College Football Hall of Fame


Mark Fox, Scott Stricklin, Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead all attended UGA Day at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, but it was all Georgia football.

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The Bulldog Nation gathered at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta for a final pre-season Glory, Glory! moment with Football Head Coach Mark Richt, Basketball Head Coach Mark Fox, Baseball Head Coach Scott Stricklin, Athletic Director Greg McGarity and University President Jere Morehead.

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It’s great of Coaches Fox and Stricklin to attend, but, “We’re Georgia.” The talk was all football.

Jake Rowe of found a spark of excitement in Richt as he talked about areas aside from the quarterback position. “Special teams are going to be huge,” Richt said. “We’ve got a lot more guys who can run and hit than I think we’ve had in a long time. We’re excited about how those teams will look. So it’s just great anticipation right now.”

The Bulldog Nation’s second favorite sport after football is football play calling. Once the season starts all eyes will be on new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Where will he be? On the field of in the press box?

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“I got a feeling he’ll be down,” Richt reported Jason Butt of the “Most NFL guys stay down. Right now I believe he’s going to be down”

However, the quarterback question was front and center among fans and press. This just in, Georgia will have one, despite basketball Coach Fox’s lighthearted take.

Fox, cheerfully forced into the football act with football questions from both media and fans, embraced the opportunity to get his two cents on the record. “Put Keith Marshall in the Wildcat and let him run,” Fox said and Jason Butt of the reported.

The quarterback question was even presented to University President Jere Morehead. Morehead made it clear he’s done all he can do to secure the talent necessary for Georgia at the position. “I did my part. We’ve admitted a man from the University of Virginia,” Morehead joked.

But the President knows, if it’s Georgia football, it’s never a joke, and eventually questions ran a bit deeper on the subject of Georgia, football, and the effort of all to win a championship. And Georgia fans once again reminded Morehead and Athletic Director Greg McGarity it’s all hands on deck for Georgia football.

“I do think that we’ve all come to an understanding on what is needed moving forward,” Morehead told Marc Weiszer of “We coalesced around a plan to build the indoor practice arena with the understanding that coach Richt would be heavily engaged in fundraising efforts.”

Reinforcing the hint of what he gave up to move the Taj Mahal Hall practice facility off the planning board and onto the architects desk, Richt said he’s been in contact with prospective donors already by phone and in person for the project.

“There’s more of that coming down the road I’m sure,” he said. “I’ve always been open to that.”

As long as everyone is on board the football championship train, the Bulldog Nation is satisfied.

Until kick off.

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