Georgia Football: Quarterback Worries? What Quarterback Worries?


Georgia football will have a quarterback. Who will it be? Don’t worry about it.

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The Dawg Nation can quit worrying about who will play quarterback. The question is moot.

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It’s not that quarterback play doesn’t matter – it does. But, with fall camp well under way, the die is cast on the 2015 quarterback position.

All three quarterback contenders are receiving the same practice, preparation, and opportunities. So far, no quarterback has distinguished himself from the others.

“Right now it’s been very equal as far as reps and there hasn’t been a huge landslide of one guy just running away with it,” Richt said, reported Jake Rowe of “There’s been moments on any given day where if you had rounds like boxing, you might say ‘that guy won that round. That guy won that round. That guy won that round.’ So I will say it’s still a very tight race. I don’t believe we have any separation at this point.”

The Bulldog Nation is borrowing worries. It will not matter if the quarterback is Faton Bauta, Greyson Lambert, or Brice Ramsey.

It’s not because the Dawgs will be handing the ball off to Nick Chubb and his running back posse, although Chubb’s presence – along with a seasoned, veteran and talented offensive line – is a comfort. An offense that chooses to be one-dimensional will not win more than eight games in the Southeastern conference. And a team that chooses to run only will surely not beat an Alabama team that sports the best front seven in college football. So The Georgia quarterback will not just be a toss sweep delivery boy.

It’s also not because the 2015 quarterback is a mere placeholder in the Georgia offense until the best high school quarterback in the nation, Jacob Eason,  arrives in Athens in 2016. Between now and 2016 there are 13, or even 14, games to play. The scoreboard will be on and the outcome reported.

We want a guy who can make plays.

The 2015 season is too big. They’re all big. Like every big time football program, Georgia plays to win every year, every game.

And, unfortunately, it’s not because all three quarterbacks are elite. Equal, it is obviously so, but not elite. If three quarterbacks are equal, none are elite.

So why not worry about who will be taking snaps under center in 2015?

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Georgia offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer spoke to Anthony Dasher of “We want a guy who can make plays.”

If Georgia has a quarterback that can make plays, he hasn’t revealed himself yet.

With no quarterback pulling away from the pack, no matter who starts and plays, this year’s Georgia offense depends less than ever before on a play making quarterback. There will be spectacular plays in each game this season. But in the big games, the quarterback will not be prominent in the box score.

Let the worries go, Dawg Nation.

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