Georgia Football: 10 Days till Kickoff, 10 Predictions


We’re 10 days away from kickoff, so here are 10 predictions for the season.

It’s getting close, DawgNation.

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We’re only ten days away from the season opener against Louisiana-Monroe, and I’m honestly giddy as a schoolgirl.

College Gameday, tailgates, face painting, the sweet sounds of Verne and Gary, and angrily screaming at the TV have all been missing from my life, and in just 10 little days they’ll all be back.

So, in celebration of Georgia football returning between the hedges in ten days, here are ten predictions for the upcoming season.

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1. Nick Chubb will run for 1,800 yards

If all goes well, Nick Chubb will have four other running backs to share carries with instead of the 0 he had last year. While that would imply he will be less statically successful, it also implies that he will be fresher and better able to put up big numbers, and let’s not forget he only started 8 games last year and put up 1,500+ yards. Give him a full season to antagonize defenses, and he should get 1,800. I’d say 2,000 is a stretch, but if injuries on the depth chart happen again, it could happen.

2. Nick Chubb will have 3 200-yard games

In order for a 200-yard game to happen the perfect storm has to happen: not exactly a blowout so they keep him in the game, but the opposing defense has to be weak. When does that apply? South Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia Southern.

3. No Georgia quarterback will throw for 200 yards in a game.

Hutson Mason threw for 200+ yards only once last year, and that was against Florida where we threw the ball a lot in the 2nd half trying to catch up, and I don’t think any of our three quarterbacks competing for the starting  job are as good of throwers as he was.

4. The Dawgs will go undefeated at home this year.

The main home games in question for the Dawgs this year are South Carolina, Alabama, and Missouri. While I think all of those teams could all give us scares, I think we’ll pull out the victory against all of them, and all of the other teams we play between the hedges.

5. Brice Ramsey will be the starter at the beginning of the year

6. But Faton Bauta will be the starter at the end of the year.

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Brice Ramsey has more game experience and a bigger arm, which I think will give him the advantage heading into the ULM game. While I don’t think Ramsey will struggle, I don’t think he’ll separate himself enough, giving Faton Bauta a chance, and I think he’ll be able to separate himself. Either way, Dawg fans will probably have a few moments this year where they’ll be longing for Jacob Eason’s arrival.

7. Trent Thompson and Lorenzo Carter will emerge as the top defensive players in the country this year.

Both Thompson and Carter are former highly recruited Georgia prep players, and both will really impose their will upon opposing offenses in 2015. Everybody in college football will know their names by the end of the year.

8. Keith Marshall will post a 100 yard game

He hasn’t done so since his freshman year in 2012, but I’m feeling a triumphant return season for the former 5-star. I think he has potential to put up 100 against Southern University, a game that I don’t think the starters will play in after the 2ng quarter.

Faton Bauta will be the starter at the end of the year

9. Georgia won’t allow a touchdown in its first two games

Georgia opens the season up against UL-Monroe and Vanderbilt, two teams with less than stellar offenses. We’ll get a taste of how good this Dawg D will be this year when they only allow field goals against those two teams.

10. Georgia will play two overtime games this year

Georgia has a tough schedule against talented teams, and two of those teams will require more than 60 minutes: Tennessee and Auburn. Georgia will go 1-1 in those games.

In just ten short days, Georgia football’s season will start, and we’ll start to see how these predictions play out. Until then, I’ll keep myself entertained with highlights from seasons of old, but when the time comes, my TV will receive my vulgar screams once again. I can’t wait.

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