Georgia Football: VT Bashed For Fine Policy, But Could Fines Work in Athens?


A fine policy for college football seems out of place. Then again, maybe Georgia football could give it a try?

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The Virginia Tech football team recently abandoned its fine policy.

Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock told Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, he “had no idea” that football players were being assessed fines.

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Babcock further clarified his knowledge of the situation. “There has been, in place for a number of years, not to this extent, but for a number of years, a little bit of a, and I hate to use the word, but I can’t use another one, but a fine system, disciplinary for our players and such. And I think it’s come out of bowl-type stuff.”

Got it.

Still, as Babcock pointed it out to the Times-Dispatch, “It’s not against NCAA rules.”

Of course not, since the NCAA is all about the players.

For a team made up of amateurs, the policy seems inappropriate. But maybe it isn’t the practice of fining players as much as how the fine schedule was structured.

One player was fined 10 dollars for missing breakfast and 20 dollars for missing treatment. Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day? Certainly it should also be a 20 dollar fine.

Also, missing class was a 30 or 45 dollar fine. But if your room or locker is dirty it was a 50 dollar fine. That doesn’t seem right.

“Did you get to class?”

“No, I cleaned my room. Cleaned my locker, too. ”

What if the Georgia football team instituted a fine policy? What would be an appropriate fine schedule?

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DOTD Georgia Football Fines

Drive on suspended license – 10 dollar fine

Emerge from an alley – 15 dollar fine

Two on a scooter – 20 dollar each fine

Rude to the water girl – 25 dollar fine

Insufficient tattoos – 30 dollar fine

Wear orange – 35 dollar fine

Wear orange and blue – 40 dollar fine

Lose to Florida – 45 dollar fine

Lose to Auburn – 50 dollar fine

Injure Nick Chubb – 100 dollar fine

Lose to Tech – 5000 dollar fine each occurrence, forfeiture of a limb and possible loss of first-born

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